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I made the attempt to stay at that meeting last night. I was on board, listening to the PILOT Stuff (Payment in Lieu of Taxes for the Hospital), and found it almost interesting. I was on board listening to the new plan for dividing a math class into two sections (even though it took some people asking the same question four times in succession until they understood, with the same answer), and I was even on board listening to the new science plan.

But when there was a half hour to forty minute discussion on moving a plaque and putting up a sign? Heaven forefend. Won't someone think of the children?

I'm confident I was approved last night, and all was not a waste, as I did meet a few of the board members (which may be important in the coming year for me). So, i'm sure Larry will come up to me and say "Sorry, you didn't get approved), wait for me to be sad, and then laugh jokingly. I'm sure Kate will laugh that I was stuck listening to that thrilling conversation at the meeting, until I remind her that her husband was stuck longer than I was (though he probably gets paid to go).

Anyway, back to Kindergarten regardless today.

I am very proud of Beth, she is back in Grad school, doing something she is very passionate about: Computers =) I'm also glad that she is significantly less depressed, it makes me happy to see her happy indeed.

As for the rest of life...wait...there is more to life than working, sleeping, watching the Rangers lose, and my hour or so with Beth?

I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. Please, tell me more.


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