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I don't have anything really all that interesting to post here really.

Well, I do, it's just that I can't figure out how to get it out in a post.

So I'll just say that there is some sad news going in in the academic world (2 deaths at the college: the history professor I tutored for and worked closely with for about half of my academic career here, Linda Nelson, and the academic adviser for the honor society I am a member of, Joe Sarnoff). And, of course, the school is clamming up about any reports on what happened.

I am especially concerned about the wording of the releases: Joe Sarnoff passed away (which, to me, indicates an illness, etc.), while Linda Nelson was found dead (perhaps indicating a suicide). Be nice if they let us know anything other than the bare facts.

Kindergarten is going well. Since the previous behavioral plan wasn't working all that well, it is time for a new one. So, implementation time!

I was also approved by the BOE for my position in the classroom for hte rest of the year.

Things with Beth are much, much better, which makes me a very happy Brychuu.

*Looks at the clock* Oh. I need to shower and shave before school. I should get on that.


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